Welcome to my page! I am a special education teacher in Texas! This is my 7th year teaching! I began my career in resource and co-teach at the middle school level, specifically 6th-8th grade Read 180, 7th-8th grade Resource ELA, and I co-taught US History. I spent two years as a general education 6th grade ELA teacher.

Last year I began a pilot program at an elementary school in my district for students with autism. My class spans all grade levels from K-5. We have 30 minutes of social skills a day with monitoring throughout the day. My paraprofessionals and I monitor our kiddos every fifteen minutes and on an as needed basis. I also teach resource ELA to my kiddos but they go out for everything else, including Social Studies, Science, and Math.

It has been amazing learning with my kiddos and the start of this school year has been a dream! I am excited to share some of my tips/tricks with you all and learn from you as well!

I hope you feel welcomed and enjoy your time here!